Authentic Badam Ki Jaali | Almond Desserts | U.S & Canada


We are pleased to revive and rediscover the nostalgic Hyderabadi Badam Ki Jaaliyan to bring the essence of a true Hyderabadi delicasy to your door step. The monarchs and nobles of Deccan were connoisseurs of food is a well known fact. The wafting aromas and the lingering tastes from the royal kitchens may have passed through centuries into near antiquity, but we must not allow for them to go extinct. The opulent royal tastes cannot become a thing of the past and here we are striving to keep one such delicasy alive and at ease to you.


We have begun by reviving a tradational delicasy of almonds with the main goal to distribute the jaaliyan with ease and convenience. Our process is simple, you order, you pay and we deliver. We are based in the Illinois area and can easily deliver the product anywhere in North America. We strongly feel that with the growing technological and logistical services, it is our duty to keep alive such priceless delicasies and try our best to bring them to your table without a hassle. 


The preparation is done in the most traditional manner by persons of long expertise in the area, we are sure to take you down the memory lane by giving you the historical taste of the badam ki jaaliyan. You will not only reminice the taste of Hyderabad, but also crave for more of the same. 


Simple Process:

  Order + Pay = Delivery

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